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My inherent passion for fabric inspired me to start Rina Clothing Co. and curate my label, Titlee. The collection draws on the journey of butterflies and celebrates a woman’s transformation into her own authentic self – free to express herself, bold to go after her dreams and strong to embrace her true identity flaws included.

The vibrancy of colors combined with the nuanced heritage of designs makes each piece created at Titlee truly exceptional. Our creations offer world class sophistication with a touch of Indian soul.

We, at Titlee, are self-confessed worshipers of quality and impeccable style. At Titlee, each fabric is handpicked and designed with a focus on comfort, trends and style. We Specialize in handcrafted, traditional methods of printing and embroidery while keeping our designs contemporary and trendy.

Titlee provides you bespoke tailoring to your exact measurements at no extra cost.


Mal Cotton Kurta


Fabric Details: Mal Cotton
Work Details: Hand embroidered with Tie and dye dupatta.

Chanderi Brocade Silk


Fabric Details: Chanderi brocade and mal dupatta
Work Details: Hand embroidered.

Printed Duppion Silk


Fabric Details: Printed duppion silk and Organza
Work Details: Western Style, Machine embroidered.

Georgetta Dress


Fabric Details: Georgetta
Work Details: Maxi Dress Western Style.

Georgetta Long Dress


Fabric Details: Georgetta
Work Details: Thread work, hand embroidered.

Linen Kurta


Fabric Details: Linen
Work Details: Machine embroidered with floral motifs.

Chanderi Brocade Silk


Fabric Details: Chanderi brocade silk
Work Details: Hand embroidered sequence work.

Mal Kurta, Plazo and Dupatta


Fabric Details: Mal Cotton
Work Details: Machine embroidered with gotta.